Solidatus for Life Sciences

Companies in life sciences work in the most dynamic and regulated of environments, which require a guarantee of data protection, privacy and confidentiality. Strict regulatory demands call for companies to implement processes for data governance surrounding everything from medical trials to the full product development lifecycle.

Organisations who take a proactive approach to regulatory compliance will benefit from improved customer engagement and earn a high level of trust within the market. Those who don’t comply risk being hit with large fines as well as potentially irreparable reputational damage.

Regulatory Lineage

Easily meet regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, through sophisticated data lineage identifying each piece of data and the risks to it.

Systems Intergration

Simplify the process of system integration, making it easier to plan change, analyse its impact and to future-proof the data ecosystem.


Facilitate the timely tracking of drug trials through managing data flows and ensuring the reduction of redundancy and misuse of data.

Simple to use

The intuitive and simple web interface is easy to use and requires little or no training.


Immediately start modelling and easily identify where additional discovery is required.


Solidatus is a browser based application and it can be up and running in the cloud in minutes.


Accelerate discovery by sharing parts of the models to identified system experts to fill in the detail.

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Solidatus has been engineered to provide organisations with the perfect tool to visualise their data landscape.

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An intuitive, simple to use web-based application that gives businesses the ability to rapidly map and visualise their data landscape.

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