Solidatus and MANTA join forces

Solidatus and MANTA to provide data owners and analysts with a powerful visualization and management tool.

London, UK – XX November 2017 Solidatus, a data visualization and management solution, has established a new partnership with MANTA to provide a scalable data lineage, automated discovery application for clients.

In partnering with MANTA, Solidatus will build on its proven success creating data models across end-to-end business flows by integrating seamlessly with MANTA’s database scanning and cataloguing technology. This will enhance the discovery and management of complex flows hidden deep in clients database, scripts, stored procedures, and other kinds of data processing logic.

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Since the software’s launch in February 2017, Solidatus has already been incorporated into major global financial, pharmaceutical, and utility companies and the signing of the partnership agreement with data experts MANTA, only adds to their impressive growing portfolio of partners.

Howard Travers, Chief Commercial Officer for Solidatus added, “We are pleased to welcome Manta as a technology partner. The features which Manta offers complement the benefits of Solidatus and we look forward to helping transform the data lineage space. Solidatus was developed due to the genuine need for a sophisticated data lineage tool, to help companies meet with their regulatory & transformation goals. We’re thrilled to be working with MANTA and believe this partnership adds an important piece of the puzzle to our overall proposition.”

Solidatus is a powerful data lineage discovery and visualization tool that complements existing software such as Collibra, Informatica, IBM, Excel, and many others. With its easy to use, intuitive, and highly scalable web interface it sources and combines all the lineage information in one place allowing businesses to collect metadata from structures like programmes, applications, and ETL workflows.

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